• Do you own or manage historic buildings, parks, gardens or

  •          countryside sites that you open to the public?


  • Are you confident that you have adequately assessed the risks to your

  •           employees and your visitors and have safety measures in place that are

              reasonable and proportionate?


  • Do you think you have the right balance between safety and other objectives, e.g. conservation, public access or the visitor experience?


  • Do you think you have the right balance between the responsibility of the land owner/manager and the personal responsibility of the visitor?


  • Are all your assessments and safety arrangements in place for 2021?


  • Is your system for managing safety robust and fit for purpose?  How do

          you know this?

                             Recent visits

22 Feb    Hume Castle, Scottish Borders

09 Mar   Haddon Hall, Derbyshire

19 Apr     St Abb's Head, Berwickshire

30 May  St Abb's Head, Berwickshire

04 Jun    Abbotsford, Scottish Borders

07 Jun    Seaton Wetlands, Devon

12 Jun      Dungeness, Kent

16 Jul       Armadale Castle, Skye

09 Sep   Wallington, Northumberland

19 Oct     National Coal Mining Museum, West Yorkshire

26 Oct    Torness Power Station, East Lothian

08 Nov  Snibston Colliery Park, Leicestershire




Recent places


Dawyck Botanical Garden, Scottish Borders


Abbotsford, Scottish Borders


Abbotsford, Scottish Borders



MARK DANIELS  -  Adviser on visitor and occupational health and safety at

historic buildings, parks, gardens, coast and countryside


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I work as an independent safety adviser specialising in visitor safety management in countryside and coastal environments and at parks, gardens, historic buildings and structures. I also cover occupational safety and health in these settings, and in the rural, conservation and  charitable sectors. Complying with your legal duties under health and safety legislation whilst at the same time ensuring that the historic or special qualities of your land and buildings are not adversely affected by safety measures is not easy - it requires careful consideration and judgements to find the right balance. I can draw on 30 years' experience as a qualified safety practitioner and manager, most of which was spent leading the health and safety function in the National Trust, one of the country’s largest conservation charities. I hope I can help you to find practical solutions and give you the confidence to make the right decisions.  


Please explore the links on this page to see different sections of this website, and get in touch if you think my expertise could be of help or interest to you - please e-mail me at:



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 and occupational      safety issues in the historic built environment and countryside


Wallington Walled Garden, Northumberland



Haddon Hall,


9th March 2021


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Dawyck Botanical Garden, Scottish Borders